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AcuUnit™ Industrial Co., Ltd.


Yarn-Guide Drum

30 years of experience

Precise Cutting

Smooth groove

Surface Ceramic Coating

10 times more endurable

Excellent Concentricity

Stable at high-speed rotation

Precision Machining

High-end machinery

Auto Parts

Standard parts in mass production

Aircraft Parts

Highest standard in every aspect

Customized Products

Aluminium alloy casting and precision machining


 Having more than 30 years of experience in forging aluminum alloy component guarantees the best quality on each units. Today, we even utilize the high-end machine tools to finalize. This gives extremely great precision on every detail that customer cares.

 In addition to yarn grooved drum, our main focus product, we provide outsourcing service as well. Precision never bothers due to our rich experiences in machining working together with high-end machine tools. 

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Kwang Sheng Industrial
Scooter Parts
Winding Machine Parts


Kwang Sheng Industrial
New Stainless Steel Tube Department


AcuUnit™ Industrial
Starting new company - AcuUnit™ Industrial which focus on development of cone winder drum and distribute our products world wide

Industrial-Leading Manufacturer

 AcuUnit™ Yarn Winding Machine Parts